Why We Teamed Up to Fill the Coverage Gap

Within the realm of small business, the social infrastructure between business owners and partners is dependent upon trust. Insurance is an example of partnership emerging within a specific private sector industry. In fact, we partnered with another local insurance company with differing coverage and service provisions. While Farmers Insurance and IBG Portland differ in available policies, we stand together in providing high-quality service to local Greater-Portland communities.

Bob Adams and his wife both decided to get into the insurance field after meeting with a long time mentor who was involved in the industry. After being convinced insurance was the way to go, both of them became qualified and started their own Farmers Insurance branch together. The Adams’ insurance office serves predominantly property and casualty coverage, but also offers life and financial services in addition to commercial business coverage. They primarily offer services within the high tech corridor west of Portland.

This is a gap that Jennifer Wakayama at the Innovative Benefits Group gladly filled. After being introduced to Jen, they knew that IBG would be a viable business to align themselves with. Ultimately, the Adams decided to use IBG for their own medical and dental insurance. After personally working with her, the Adams trusted in knowing the superior quality services she provides to the local community. Jen is a CoverOregon specialist and understands that every policyholder is unique and deserves high-quality service to fit their needs.

Through the referrals of policyholders both local insurance agencies’ clientele pool grew. This resulted in comprehensive coverage for the consumer and a symbiotic business relationship for both parties.

This is just one example of how we’re constantly looking to provide the best answers to our clients’ insurance questions, even if they lay outside IBG Portland. If you have a question about your current health policy – or any policy – call Jen today! Between her vast experience and her many partnerships, she’ll find your answer.


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