How Emergency Insurance Can Benefit Your Active Outdoor Lifestyle

When we think of emergency response teams, critical care air transport is not the first service to come to mind. What happens when an emergency situation is inaccessible to an ambulance and other typical response measures? Living and playing in the Portland area allows for plenty of opportunities to get lost in nature. Unfortunately, that means we sometimes actually lose our way or, even our footing, in the great outdoors and find ourselves in need of urgent care. Here’s why you should consider Life Flight Network’s Membership Program before your next long weekend in the Mt. Hood wilderness.

Critical Care Air Transport Lets You Stay Accessible

There is nothing like getting away on the weekend to destress and refocus – and who doesn’t love getting out of the workplace and into the forest for a while? Safety is a factor with any excursion, whether you are climbing, biking, or simply exploring a new hiking trail. Life Flight Network offers critical care air transport services for those unexpected emergency situations. They are equipped to fly and provide urgent treatment within areas that might otherwise be out of range for ground vehicles. Like any emergency team, Life Flight operates 24/7 and is frequently called in by the authorized law enforcement and rescue agencies to successfully reach low-access areas.

Are You Covered?

Life Flight can always be called in for assistance, regardless of membership standing. However, with an LFN membership, there are no additional out-of-pocket expenses. Some primary insurance plans do not cover the whole fee for non-emergency air transport. A membership with LFN covers any amount not resolved through primary insurance! A single membership applies to you, your spouse, and any dependents, allowing you to focus on your family’s comfort and wellness.

Maintain the Lifestyle You Love!

The Life Flight Network services a 175-mile radius from each base. They have bases in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Your membership applies to all of these bases, so you have room to roam and explore! Life Flight Network might be just what your vacation days were looking for!

LFN is a supplementary emergency insurance and should not replace your primary insurance.

Having the right primary health insurance that fits your lifestyle is just as important. If you would like to receive a quote for health insurance for you or your small business, call Jen at IBG Portland today.


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