Lawyers, Here’s How to Manage Your Business Healthcare Plan

Managing your own law firm while still practicing can easily overwhelm even the most talented delegator. Supplementing some of the operational needs of your own law firm by hiring contractors can prove advantageous in the long run. Consider hiring a partner to manage your business healthcare plan to free up your valuable time to serve your clients.

Steve Maher practiced law for 13 years before partnering with Sommer Tolleson in 2009, to form Maher & Tolleson law firm in Portland, Oregon. Their firm specializes in workers’ compensation law representing and defending employers in workers’ compensation litigation in both Oregon and Washington. Maher and Tolleson understand what it takes to provide quality law services and pride themselves on building foundational relationships with each of their clients, “not a one-and-done relationship.” Their many duties include: working with employers and problem solving, proactively resolving issues, and recognizing small business owners’ issues dealing with workers’ compensation. With so much already on their plates, Sommer and Steve hired Jen from IBG to manage the business healthcare plan for their employees.

Five years ago, Jen Wakayama and Sommer Tolleson met at a Women in Business luncheon where they exchanged business cards. Jen’s own commitment and insurance expertise reflected Sommer and Steve’s high standards of customer service and client relationship building. That’s what made Jen the ideal partner to manage Maher & Tolleson’s business health insurance plan for their employee.

Since hiring Jen Wakayama at IBG, the attorneys of Maher & Tolleson have been able to entirely focus on providing the best law service to their law clients leaving the insurance coverage management to Jen. This partnership has proved beneficial for both companies granting Sommer and Steve more time to spend working with clients, simultaneously lessening the burden of managing their own law firm.

Learning to delegate tasks is important for any business owner. Start with finding a trusted partner to help manage your business healthcare plan today. Free up your time by contacting Jen Wakayama at IBG!


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