5 Ways to Stick With a Healthy Diet and Exercise this Spring

Here at IBG Insurance, we believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and as spring approaches it reminds us that Summer is on its way. Although we’ve been staying home for most of the year, and beach days may be off this Summer, it’s as perfect a time as ever to get your health in order. Working from home can make sticking with a healthy diet and exercise routine even more difficult than it already is. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few essential tips to help you reach your health and fitness goals this Spring! 

  1. Start with taking a walk every day. Whether it’s in the morning before starting work, during lunch, or after dinner, getting out and breathing fresh air can help not only with your mindset but getting the blood flowing. It’s one of the most simple, calming, and effective exercises.

  2. Make a simple food plan you know you can follow. Cut time and keep yourself on track towards your goals by creating a healthy and balanced food plan that gives you room to test healthy foods, an experiment in the kitchen, and leave less room for temptation. Check out this great resource for creating a meal plan.

  3. Set an end goal and reward yourself. Remember that motivation is key to success and finding healthy ways to reward yourself for your hard work goes a long way.

  4. Get enough rest. Working from home can lead to lots of temptation to stay up binging shows or working late. Give yourself the care and break you need at night. Slow down an hour or so before bed, read a book, take a bath and get to sleep at a reasonable time. We may not think about it often, but sleep has a huge impact on how our days turn out!

  5. Find what works for you. Above everything, it’s okay to try different routes and discover what makes you the happiest. Don’t give up, push through and learn as you go!

Here at IBG, we believe that you can reach all of your fitness goals this year! It’s important to keep our health covered and listen to our bodies. It’s just as important to have health coverage and insurance, research more into what this might mean for you today.


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