Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Employee Health

Good health is priceless. For small business owners, employee wellness should be a priority. Whether you have fewer or thousands of workers, paying attention to their health can prevent and manage disabilities that can make or break productivity at work.

Investing in employee health and encouraging regular exercise can lower the risk of developing chronic conditions and may substantially impact in employer’s cost. Research from the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center reveals that you can get results from as little as 10 to 20 minutes of exercise. If you intend to cut your health care bills, a wellness program can help, as well as gentle nudges to urge them to sit less and move more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, pack a healthy lunch, and so on.

Moreover, prevention is in everyone’s interest. Employers can also promote smoke-free workplace and nutrition classes, preventive screenings to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol, and health-risk assessment. Make sure your employees get annual wellness checkups since the Affordable Care Act allows free wellness visits for employees and their dependents.

Having a wellness program tailored to your business will eventually bring gains on the company’s balance sheet without you noticing. If you are a savvy entrepreneur believing in wellness and want to take steps in improving workforce safety and health, contact us today.


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