Why Health Coverage is Important for Your Business

Most people need medical care at some point and having a health plan means one less thing to worry about. Small businesses can get help enrolling in health insurance, either to purchase or renew a plan. The benefits of choosing a plan and making an informed decision are many:

Preventative care. You have access to preventive healthcare services such as screenings, vaccines, and doctor visits.

Retain top employees. Providing health benefits is one of the best ways to recruit and retain employees.

Peace of mind. Many accidents can cause financial strain and if you are insured, you are protected from unexpected medical costs.

Comply with federal regulations. You need to have health coverage to comply with the individual mandate. And if you have an existing plan under the Affordable Care Act, you don’t have to pay the fee that many people who don’t have coverage must pay.

Lastly, having health insurance is a great way to keep you and your employees safe, healthy, and happy.


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