Spring Clean to Stay Healthy Inside and Outside Your Home (and Office!)

In the last month, we’ve already started to see a few sunny days and more are sure to come! Winter is often associated with unhealthy habits and quickly forgotten gym memberships. This lack of motivation is noticeable in the workplace as well and you’ve probably observed particularly lethargic employees. Well, spring is finally here and with it an excuse to get healthier. You’ll be surprised how much more productive your small business will be when your employees (and you!) put in a little effort to spring clean.

Tips for Inside Your Home (or Office!)

  • Wash everything. This gets rid of dust mites and any other allergens that live inside the home and thrive during the winter such as pet dander. Here are a few areas to focus on:
    • Clean all your spring clothes and blankets you’re taking out of storage before you wear or use them again.
    • Get rid of all the dust that’s been storing up in your air conditioner vents. Replace the filter and, while you’re at it, wipe down the ceiling fan blades before you turn it on.
    • Try to get to the things we seldom remember. Your mattress cover is probably a good place to start.
  • Toss out the old. Go through your medicine cabinet and throw out any medications, grooming products and cleaning supplies that are visibly old or expired. Not only are they less effective when expired, certain products can become harmful.
  • Get organized. During your deep clean, develop a system to tackle everything. This saves time and gives you ease of mind throughout the process.

Tips for Going Outside Your Home (or Office!)

  • Shop local. Take advantage of all the local healthy produce options available this spring. Portland and the surrounding metro area has a ton of really great farmers’ markets, you’re bound to find one in your neighborhood.
  • Get a check-up. Schedule all your doctors’ appointments now. It’s easy, and typical, to hide away during a particularly rainy Oregon winter. When the sun starts shining on the Willamette River, though, it’s time to come out and get things done. Call your dentist, dermatologist and chiropractor to bring your health out of hiding too.
  • Take a walk. While you’re outside, walk around. Portland, OR is a wonderful place to be during the spring. Vitamin D can be hard to find from November to March so embrace the wide open spaces our city has to offer, from Mount Tabor to Forest Park.

While you’re spring cleaning your daily habits and routines, why not look into your medical coverage as well? Contact one of our experienced insurance agents today to discover all the benefits you – and your employees – can qualify for this spring!


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