5 Tips to Boost Fitness Education in Your Small Business

People who exercise regularly are more productive at work. Common office plagues are offset by a healthy lifestyle. This includes, but isn’t by any means limited to, lower blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments that come with a typical desk job. Exercise also helps lower stress levels and can keep employees motivated. Creating a corporate culture of good health and emphasizing fitness education increases employee retention and recruitment. Here’s how to encourage fitness in your small business:

1. Offer a “flextime” policy.

How many of us skip going to the gym because we can’t find a convenient time? Either your Crossfit session has already started by the time you get off work or the idea of waking up even earlier to get in that run is excruciating. There’s always a good excuse not to go when your work schedule doesn’t line up perfectly. Small business owners who offer “flextime” policies – meaning employees can set their own hours – see a significant rise in employees’ healthy habits. If it works for your office structure, allowing employees to choose to work a 10-6 schedule instead of 9-5 can be just the motivation they need to start working out and raising their endorphins.

2. Partner with a local gym.

Another major contributing factor to not exercising is the cost of gym memberships. Not only do you usually have to sign a contract, there are often lofty initial fees and cancellation fees. If being healthy isn’t already a priority, you’re probably not going to pay an arm and a leg for it. Luckily, many gyms extend special partnerships with local businesses for discounted memberships. If that gym is nearby, your employees will be more motivated to try it out.

Some insurance plans offer discounts for healthy living and gym benefits. Be sure to ask your experienced insurance agents if any health plans available in Portland, OR offer all the benefits you and your team members need.

3. Encourage small steps.

Creating a healthier office culture takes literal steps. If it’s applicable for your office, encourage your employees to choose the stairs over an elevator or escalator. You’d be surprised how much this simple change can do! Make the stairs more enticing by sprucing up the staircase, especially if it looks particularly uninviting. A nice coat of paint can make a huge difference.

4. Provide accommodations for healthy behavior.

Portland is well-known for being a bike-friendly city. Chances are, some of your employees would love to ride their bikes to work. Can your workplace currently accommodate this, though? Is there a safe place for employees to lock their bikes? Do you provide discounts or assistance if your employees choose to take TriMet to work? If you make it easier for employees to choose healthy alternatives to get to work, they’ll probably take it.

5. Make fitness fun.

Companies all over the country are doing FitBit Challenges. Employees engage in a friendly competition to see who can rack up the most steps within a given period. Prizes can range from extra vacation days, an iPad or even just cash. The important part is that everyone is working towards the same goal together. When they can hold each other accountable, they’re more likely to be motivated to act – and their spirits will skyrocket, too!

Helping your employees get in shape is one way to boost fitness education and company morale. Another way to raise your employees’ spirits is by offering a great benefits package. Our experienced health insurance experts can help you choose the right insurance plan for your small business. Call us today for a quote.


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