Make Your Employees Happier With These Tips

Keeping your employees happy can profit your business in many ways – decreased absenteeism, healthier environment, and improved creativity all contribute to a good working relationship.

In fact, researchers agree that happy employees have increased productivity than disgruntled counterparts. Studies from Gallup-Healthways and Harvard Business Review pointed out that the happier and more engaged an employee is, they will likely perform better at the job and the more your business will benefit.

Another survey found that 70% of people are more likely to find a new job after vacation. With the holidays (and vacation days) just around the corner, there’s a chance that some of your employees are making a leap. And that’s bad news for a reason: it could reflect poorly on your business management and culture.

Chances are, you lack the time, money and effort to recruit new hires. Here are some of the best ways to keep your employees happy and productive:

Increase engagement. It is necessary for employees to stay engaged with the roles they are performing to promote commitment and motivation in getting the job done. Engagement is easily achieved by assigning a meaningful and rewarding task to your staff. Encourage them to live the brand and your mission – and that ignites their passion for serving your customers.

Focus on relationships. Don’t make your employees feel left out in their workplace. Focus on building and maintaining healthy workplace relationships. Employees should be encouraged to get to know their co-workers, supervisors, and employers so they feel supported through all levels of organization.

Encourage employees to disengage. You want your staff to have a better work-life balance. While you appreciate their efforts in staying focused with their job, allow them to split their time and energy between work and other important aspects of their lives.

Make it fun. Employees want leaders who understand their needs, are likeable, and can authentically influence people to generate the best results for the business. So make fun a regular part of the schedule. Conduct team building events or in-house competitions and give quarterly incentives when they complete certain goals.

Provide health benefits. Placing emphasis on wellness is essential to productivity. Employees can be given access to benefits such as health insurance. This will encourage them to go the extra mile for your business and increase staff retention and loyalty.

How IBG can help

If you want to improve happiness in the workplace, consider a group plan. For more information on health insurance for your business, get in touch with the IBG team.


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