3 Tips on Creating A Healthy, Engaged Workforce

In a Gallup survey, the obesity rates in the U.S. reached 27.7 percent. As a small business owner, you can get involved in the initiatives aimed at reducing obesity. Here are 3 steps you can make to help you nurture healthier and more productive staff:

Act now. How many times did you say you’re going to try to lose weight? If you’re like most people, it’s not going to be easy, unless you act now. Encourage your staff to make healthy choices and these small steps can make a big difference towards achieving your big goals. Be sure to come up with creative and fun ways to motivate your employees and get back on track.

Do something different. Implement fun activities at work, for instance, try running contests. A friendly, non-competitive match can be spread over multiple people. Give incentives to the winning team and all those who will participate. Some incentives you can give are a healthy lunch, gym passes, or pedometers. In the end, what matters is that your employees are making efforts to make your healthy business goals succeed.

Educate. A healthy lifestyle should not be temporary; it’s a way of living. You don’t want your employees to skimp on healthy habits after the contests. Help them to eat right, de-stress, take a walk around the office, and breathe fresh air. Emphasize the importance of preventative healthcare visits. A healthy body and a clear mind can help anyone in accomplishing day-to-day activities.

Good health leads to higher productivity and enjoyment. Remember, spreading the healthy lifestyle bug to your employees starts with you.


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