Prioritizing Health for Business Success

Recent studies have shown that even incorporating moderate physical activity, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep can help you reap the rewards of healthier weight, better immunity, sharper mind, and reduced risk of illness. These health benefits add up to business success.

Moderate exercise provides perks for the brain and helps boost immunity, making you better equipped to fight infection and certain diseases. The result? Lower absenteeism and better productivity at work.

Similarly, diet and nutrition are crucial to employee performance. Research led by the UN International Labor Office reveals that inadequate nutrition has a negative impact on worker productivity, physical work performance and capacity. Those with poor nutrition had increased sickness and risk for accidents as well as low morale. Obese workers were more likely to miss work too, compared with normal weight individuals.

Sleep is another important, yet often overlooked component of health and fitness. Sleep deprivation leaves you feeling tired during the day compromising your focus, learning, memory, problem solving, and mood.

Emphasizing healthier habits is essential to employee productivity. By educating your workforce on proper nutrition, physical activity, and the importance of adequate sleep you can decrease the likelihood of spending on health care and sick days. Remember, employees who eat, exercise, and sleep well have better mental acuity, focus, performance, and drive, increasing efficiency on the job.


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