How to Reward Productive Employees

Are you keeping your workforce happy and productive? There are many ways to compensate employees for doing a great job without breaking the bank or giving a “best employee” plaque. Showing appreciation every day is more meaningful than elaborate rewards. Here are five simple but effective ways to reward productive employees:

Praise them in public. Praise your most productive employees individually or as a team and let them know how you appreciate their efforts in achieving company objectives. They will be motivated to work harder because they are being recognized for their hard work.

Send a handwritten note. Write a personal note to employees thanking them for all the work they’ve done. Genuine appreciation can go a long way.

Opportunities for input. As an employer you have to come up with ideas to keep your company moving forward. You’ll be surprised that some of the best advice can come from your staff. Encouraging them to provide feedback will make them feel that their expertise and opinion matter to you.

Flexible hours. It’s as simple as giving them time for family or personal issues. As long as the employee is deserving and unlikely to abuse the privilege, this can pave the way to building a trusting relationship.

Reward efforts. Sometimes even the best ideas don’t work. But you want employees to continue producing them. Make it a goal to reward your productive employees with constructive criticism.


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