Five Reasons to Get a Vision Plan

There are many different kinds of insurance and each covers a variety of health problems. Vision is just one health issue that you can get covered by an effective health plan. But why choose a plan with vision coverage? Here are five reasons we recommend obtaining vision insurance:

1. Keeping your eyes healthy. Buying vision insurance allows you to keep your eyes healthy as you age. Additionally, if you have children, it allows you to monitor their eye health and provide glasses, contact lenses, and other corrections without an enormous cost.

2. Vision insurance is affordable. While a yearly exam, a pair of bifocals and contacts might stick you with a bill of a thousand dollars or more each year, vision insurance usually provides cheap co-pays and inexpensive eyewear.

3. Covering more than just glasses. Bare-bones vision insurance plans may only cover eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses, but many plans go further. A comprehensive vision plan may help defray the costs of eye surgery, eye disease, and permanent vision impairment. Some insurance plans may also provide discounts on laser-eye surgery.

4. Providing you with real care. Almost 40% of visually impaired Americans do not visit the optometrist when they should due to lack of insurance. Instead, some buy drugstore glasses at the wrong prescription and squint their way through life. This can actually make eyesight worse. Vision insurance is an affordable way to keep your eyesight as strong as possible for as long as possible.

5. Giving you the opportunity to go to the optometrist for a yearly checkup. Getting your eye health checked every year is extremely important. Besides vision checks, the optometrist looks for any indication of disease in the eye itself. This means they can catch early cataracts, ulcers, diabetic symptoms, and more. Vision insurance will encourage you to go to your yearly checkups, and make it affordable to do so – even if you have 20/20 vision.

There are more reasons to visit an optometrist than getting glasses. If you need help obtaining vision insurance, give us a call today. Our goal is to provide you with the best insurance possible so you can stay healthy and happy throughout your long life.


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